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Are you passionate about helping others thrive in their ministry journey? Do you have great advice for church job seekers?

MinistryHub is always looking for gifted writers and ministry leaders to contribute insight, learnings and encouragement to our readers.

What We’re Looking For

Here’s what we look for in competitive submissions that meet our writing guidelines:

  • Must be 450-1,000 words
  • Topic must relate to church ministry, Christian leadership, career changes, or job searching
  • Must be an original contribution that is not published elsewhere. All submissions are checked for plagiarism and previous publication.
  • Must align with our brand voice (think professional, relevant, practical, conversational)
  • Must seek to add meaningful value to readers. Submissions should not be promotional or commercial in nature.
  • If the contribution is an infographic or other sort of visual content, it must be accompanied by supporting comments and an introductory paragraph.

How to Submit

  • Ensure your submission is in full alignment with our Writing Guidelines above and is absent of grammatical or punctuation errors. The more edits required, the less likely to be chosen for publication.
  • Read over your post and ask yourself…
  • Did I proofread and use spell check?
  • Did I use bullet points and/or number lists to break up my post and make it easily readable?
  • Did I cite all necessary research and data sources?
  • Include a brief author bio (about 2-3 sentences). You may include one do-follow link (as long as it doesn’t represent a conflict of interest) as well as your social media handles.
  • Briefly share how you will personally promote this article if published. How will you leverage your own network to highlight this post?
  • Attach your post as a Word document and submit it via the form below.

What to Expect If Accepted

A member of our MinistryHub team will personally review your submission. However, due to the volume of articles received we may take up to two weeks to respond.

  • All submissions are subject to editing. Depending on the circumstances, suggested edits may be sent to the author for revision and/or made internally by MinistryHub staff.
  • Headlines and subheads are subject to change. Content may be edited for style, tone or substance.
  • Links and art may be added at the discretion of MinistryHub
  • Articles may or may not be promoted across the MinistryHub website, newsletter and social feeds.

Thank you so much for considering contributing to MinistryHub!

We believe there’s incredible value in the diversity of ministry voices shared on our site.

We look forward to your submission.