An Open Letter to Pastors Seeking to Transition Their Congregations

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An Open Letter to Pastors Seeking to Transition Their Congregations

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An Open Letter to Pastors Seeking to Transition Their Congregations


Dear Fellow Pastors,

Blessings.  We hope this letter finds you blessed and encouraged in your ministry.

My name is Dr. Steven Wylie, and I am the Founding Pastor at New Harvest Revival Center. We are writing to extend an invitation to pastors who, like you, are seeking a responsible and caring church to assimilate their congregations into/with as they prepare for retirement.


Executive Summary: Why We Might Be a Great Fit for Your Church Transition

Diverse Ministry Experience:

With ministry experience spanning multiple countries and the United States, Steven and Diana Wylie bring a wealth of diverse perspectives, insights, and skills. Their extensive journey has equipped them with a deep understanding of different cultural contexts, congregational needs, and theological landscapes.

We can minister in both English and Spanish languages.


Community Building:

They have effectively served, led, and learned from people of various backgrounds. This experience has enriched their capacity for empathy, understanding, and adaptability within the ministry, making them ideal candidates for fostering spiritual growth and community connections.


Solid Biblical Teaching:

Steven and Diana are dedicated to guiding individuals and families toward a richer understanding and communion with God. Their teaching is focused on fostering spiritual growth and nurturing a deeper relationship with the Lord.


Spiritually Gifted Servants:

Witnessing incredible healings, deliverances, and miracles through their ministry, Steven and Diana attest to the transformative power of faith. Their spiritual gifts, including prophecy, discernment, and healing, are foundational in their ministry.


Musical Ministry:

Steven’s musical talents, including proficiency with various instruments and vocals, add an inspiring dimension to their ministry. Music serves as a powerful medium to reach and uplift the congregation, enhancing their worship experiences and invites the people to return for “even more of Jesus”.

Operating their own in-house recording and production studio allows them to quickly and expertly release not only new songs but podcasts and video of recent messages as well.



Education and Ordination:

Steven achieved his Doctorate from Lake Charles Bible College in 1996 and has been an ordained minister with Grace International since 1994. Diana was ordained with Grace International in 2020.


Diverse Roles and Congregations:

For over four decades, Steven has served in various roles, from Lead Service Coordinator to Director of Evangelism to Worship Leader to Senior Pastor in congregations ranging from 5 to over 1,200 members.

Together with his wife, Diana,  their ministry has reached globally, including the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, especially Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile, Mainland Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand (Oceania).


Community Impact:

Their ministry work includes planting and nurturing churches, leading evangelism efforts, and participating in large-scale events such as the “March for Jesus” and “Day on the Green with Jesus Outreaches” in Northern California.


Family and Relocation:

The Wylie’s are open to consolidation of churches in several states and are personally open to relocation for at least three to five years to assist in the transformation of the churches. They currently have several churches under their care, demonstrating their commitment and capability in leading and growing congregations.



Spiritual Gifts:

Steven’s spiritual gifts include exhortation, teaching, administration, prophecy, and evangelism, among others. Diana’s gifts include faith, teaching, discernment, and wisdom.


Secular Skills:

Steven's secular skills span tourism, real estate, and general contracting, while Diana brings office administration and video production expertise.


Music and Media:

Steven’s musical talents (keyboards, guitars, vocals) and proficiency in audio-technical systems complement their ministry. He has authored numerous books and recorded over 150 Christian songs used worldwide in both English and Spanish languages.


Worship Services:

We hold vibrant and engaging services that uplift and inspire, fostering a deep connection with God through powerful sermons and worship music.  It is during these intimate times of worship that the most personal anointed times of ministry happen, and the Church is able to encounter not only the Presence of our Mighty God, but receive the healing touches and answers to prayers that they are seeking.


Christian Education:

Our educational programs are designed to span all ages, offering Sunday school, Bible study groups, and discipleship training to deepen understanding and faith.


Community Outreach:

Our churches are actively involved in local and global missions, participating in service projects, supporting charitable causes, and extending aid to those in need.


Youth and Family Ministries:

We strive to provide robust youth programs and family support initiatives designed to nurture spiritual growth and strengthen family bonds.


Fellowship and Community:

We host a variety of social events, small group meetings, and support networks to foster a strong sense of community and belonging.



We understand that transitioning a congregation is a profound decision, deeply rooted in love and care for your church family. We believe that merging with New Harvest Revival Center can offer several benefits:


Shared Vision and Values:

We are looking for churches that prioritize spiritual growth, community engagement, and service to others. Our shared mission will allow us to create a unified and powerful ministry. 

We are feeling a pressing urgency in our spirits that there is a real need to “return” to the Bible and restore the local Church back to the days of the altar call and real heart-felt repentance and relationship with Jesus and to stop trying to compete with Hollywood and the world’s cultures for our collective Christian Culture identity and Church “growth”.


Enhanced Resources:

By combining our resources, talents, and facilities, we can enhance our ability to serve our congregations and the wider community more effectively.  We believe that “in order to lead a man must first be willing to serve”.  We lead by serving and we serve by leading.


Seamless Transition:

We are committed to ensuring a smooth and respectful transition. With your continued involvement during the integration period, we can honor the traditions and spiritual needs of your congregation.



We recognize the sacred trust involved in merging congregations and are committed to honoring the unique identity and heritage of your church. Our goal is to create a harmonious and fruitful union that will benefit both congregations and extend our collective impact for the Kingdom of God.


If you are considering this important step and feel led to explore a potential merger with New Harvest Revival Center, we would be honored to discuss this further. Please reach out to us to arrange a meeting or to address any questions or concerns you may have.

We currently have a small start-up Church in the Stockton, California area, and we would also consider assimilation/consolidation with your church in areas outside of this geographical area.



Dr. Steven A Wylie, Founding Pastor


Phone: 1-209-298-1519

Address: New Harvest Revival Center, Stockton, California  95210


You Tube:

Face Book:

Our Books and Bible Study Guides in English:

Our Books and Bible Study Guides in Spanish:

Our Songs in English:

Our Songs in Spanish:


We are excited about the possibility of partnering with your Church in this new chapter of ministry. Together, we can continue to spread the love of Christ and serve our communities with greater strength and unity.


In His Service,

Dr. Steven A Wylie
Founding Pastor, New Harvest Revival Center

P.S. Our Church, New Harvest Revival Center, is a 501( c )3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit Church.  We minister in both English and Spanish languages.


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