Children's Director (GroveKids)

The Church at Pleasant Grove
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Associate Pastor
Mount Juliet, Tennessee (Nashville)
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$45-50K, Medical (Christian Healthcare Ministries), 401k matching, Cell Plan, Mac Provided
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The Grove is seeking a full-time, experienced Children's Director—a creative, self-starting, visionary-type with their own admin skills who will enthusiastically build teams & shepherd a small, but growing group of amazing elementary kids & families.

Job Description


Pursue True Biblical Community for Yourself. Above all, each staff member—as is true for all members, deacons, elders, and pastors—is expected to embrace the gospel-based goal of living in true community within the Body of Christ, and in this case, specifically within the segment of the Body that meets at The Church At Pleasant Grove. Our goal is for you to be truly loved and shepherded well by others in this community. 

Foster Safe and Effective Biblical Community for the Children/Families. The main goal of this and all positions within the Church (and this church) is to equip, shepherd, and guide people (in this case, children) into the only biblical model in which effective discipleship can occur: authentic community. For kids, this means using creative and fun strategies to help them develop true confidence in the deep love of God that always pursues them, even when they aren’t always well-behaved. Thus, the Children’s Director should use any other creative element necessary to build a solid foundation for grace-centered ministry, which would include music, dancing, art, crafts, games, prizes, VBSs, field trips, etc. At present, we use Orange curriculum for all kids' ministries. 

In short, the Children’s Director is responsible to lead age-appropriate community building and disciple-making for elementary children and their families, while also working to provide for and protect their physical, spiritual, and emotional welfare and safety.

Build Teams of Adult and Student Leaders. The goals above cannot be met by just a quality children’s ministry sermon, trip, or service… nor by a charismatic personality, a high-energy persona, or even deep personal connections with children. Each or all of these may enhance one’s ability to do the job, but to actually accomplish the higher purposes, this position will require a constant, active, enthusiastic engagement in the practical and spiritual components of team building.

Recruit, train, and oversee the necessary children’s ministry leaders and volunteers to help sustain accountability, safety, communication, and excellence in discipleship and community. These leaders and volunteers will need to undergo a robust process of background checks and training in order to ensure the safety of our children, as well as cohesion in content, philosophy, and approach among the team. 

Partner and Engage with the Staff Team. Every staff member is expected to be a part of the greater team, building the same kind of camaraderie and community within the staff that we endeavor to foster for all members. This also means working together enthusiastically on any endeavor or project that arises, even if outside one’s specific team or department.

Set Goals, Create Strategies, and Implement Plans Accordingly. In collaboration with the staff and leaders, develop short and long-term plans for children’s ministry that is complementary to our collective mission and endeavors as a church.
Develop and implement annual calendars of activities/programs that are inclusive and promote relationship development and discipleship at age-appropriate levels.

Create Systems to Maintain Clear Communication. The Children’s Director must constantly examine the ways that information of all sorts is being pipelined to children, parents, staff, etc. Thus, he or she must develop, maintain, and constantly troubleshoot a consistent system of communication with parents, children, and volunteers. Such a system will include, but not be limited to: social media, weekly emails, texts, semi-annual meetings, etc. 

Organization Description

Located just outside of Nashville, The Church At Pleasant Grove (aka, The Grove) is a grace-first, biblically-based, community-driven church with a strong gospel-informed recovery culture (12 steps) that emphasizes genuine authenticity, spiritual formation, and authentic life change together. We seek to shepherd, disciple, and love one another well in a true, Scripture-informed community that matures beyond the buzzwords, watching Christ change our lives in ways that attract and invite those outside our doors. Through giving, awareness, prayer, and community & global engagement, we also endeavor to serve the poor and marginalized, while also remaining awake to matters of societal and racial justice within a biblical and historically-informed paradigm.   

The Church at Pleasant Grove

Application Questions

1.  Have you served and led in church-based children's ministries for at least a year?
2.  Are you willing to undergo a background check and a thorough interview process?
3.  Have you undergone education or training for children's and/or family ministries?
4.  Do you have ministry references that could be contacted?
5.  Are you willing to move to the Nashville area-- the coolest place in the US to live?
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