Student Ministries Pastor

Mission Hills Church
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Youth/Student Pastor
Mission Viejo, CA
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To lead, train, disciple, and serve the Junior High and High School aged students and their families at Mission Hills Church.

Job Description

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Responsible to: Discipleship Pastor

Status: Full time, Salaried (40-50 hours per week)

General Position Overview: To lead, train, disciple, and serve the Junior High and High School aged students and their families at Mission Hills Church.


Ministry Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain engaging worship gatherings for junior high and high school students on Sundays and midweek.
  • Develop and maintain a vibrant small group ministry through which students are discipled and encouraged.
  • Develop and maintain an attractive junior high and high school outreach ministry to students who do not know Christ.
  • Plan and execute special events and trips/camps.
  • Train and equip volunteer staff to be effective as mentors and counselors to the students.
  • Develop and maintain a strategy for interacting with the families of junior high and high school students as we seek to minister to the whole family.
  • Serve as the primary teacher in the junior high and high school ministry, while also developing and overseeing volunteer teachers.
  • Oversee and be responsible for budgets and administration for all of student ministries.



  • Strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ as evidenced by spiritual maturity and a close daily walk with Him, including a vision for high school ministry consistent with the mission of MHC: We live for God’s pleasure by Serving those who don’t know Christ and Strengthening those who do.
  • Be committed to the theological position of MHC.
  • Be a college graduate and have experience in youth ministry.
  • Be able to train and lead others effectively in ministering to youth and growing a ministry.
  • Have the maturity to handle discipline issues appropriately.
  • Have the sensitivity and maturity to communicate with parents of junior high and high school students about difficult issues.
  • Gifted in preaching/teaching.


Church Staff and Volunteer Relationships:

  • Report directly to the Discipleship Pastor.
  • Develop and be responsible for junior high and high school meetings with volunteers and support staff as needed.
  • Be a team player with other pastoral staff through active participation in meetings and by developing relationships that are mutually supportive on both a professional and personal level.
  • Participate in meetings, retreats, and worship services at MHC.
  • Participate in the life of Mission Hills Church as a pastor on the staff team.

Organization Description

We believe there is a God, and that He is the Creator of all we see and of all that exists.  As the One, True and Holy God, He is unlimited in power, morally flawless and unmatched in love.

We believe that God created man out of a desire to know and be known; to establish a personal, eternal relationship with man.  However, the choice of the first man, Adam, to live independent of God, resulted in the loss of this relationship God had designed and desired. Man living according to his own desires (independence from God) produced ungodly behavior which the Bible calls sin.

Sin separated all of mankind from God and doomed him to eternal pain and suffering.  Compelled by love, God made it possible for man to return to Him. His solution required the sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus Christ, who was willing to die in our place, paying the price of our moral indebtedness to God.  Thanks to Jesus Christ, anyone who wants to be forgiven, to know God personally, and receive the eternal life for which they were created may have it. All that is required is the humility and faith to ask God for it in Jesus' name.

We believe God is passionate about YOU and wants you to experience real and eternal life with Him!

Mission Hills Church