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Eastern Hills Bible Church
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Teaching Pastor
Syracuse, NY
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$80-$100,000 + Generous Benefits
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Eastern Hills is excited to hire a gifted Teaching Pastor who will preach regularly, teach midweek studies, lead group classes and facilitate spiritual growth through teaching and pastoral leadership. Apply today!

Job Description

MinistryHub is honored to partner with Eastern Hills Bible Church in their search for a Teaching Pastor. Please direct all applications through MinistryHub and any inquiries to hello@ministryhub.org.



Candidate Profile: What You Bring

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the role of Teaching Pastor:

Required Qualifications

  • Biblical degree.
  • Three years of experience with responsibilities similar to this role while serving in a church with an average of five hundred or more in attendance.
  • Theological alignment with EHBC.
  • Strong professional writing and speaking skills.
  • Agrees with EHBC guidelines and practices outlined in our employee handbook.
  • Meets qualifications of EHBC membership by attending service regularly, serving outside of job responsibilities, and giving financially to the church.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Theologically Astute: competent in stewarding theology.
  • Engaging Communicator: teaches to those who know Christ and those disconnected from Christ.
  • Teacher: Connects well in a classroom as a teacher and facilitator.
  • Team Builder: Can build teams and lead high-capacity leaders.

Personal Characteristics

  • Pastor: Has a heart for people and can share pastoral care needs.
  • Leads by Example: Following Christ through regular rhythms of spiritual formation, maintaining emotional and physical health while living out the mission, vision, and values of EHBC.
  • Growth Mindset: Excels in High Feedback culture through humility, looking for improvement, and committing to excellence.
  • Cheerleader: Encouraging those on their team constantly and celebrating other ministries’ success.
  • Conflict Resolver: Unafraid to tackle interpersonal conflicts, ministry misalignment, or issues of sin.
  • Pro-Fun: Enjoys laughing and seeks opportunities to connect outside of regular responsibilities.


Job Description

Reporting Relationships

Reports to: Executive Pastor of Ministry

Relates to: Serves on the teaching, service planning, and adult ministries teams. 


  • Develop and deliver 15 to 18 messages with the support of the Lead Pastor, including at least one series annually.
  • Develop and deploy a new Growth Track ministry by identifying three to four core classes and electives that establish a foundation for following Christ.
  • Oversee curriculum for the Growth track by creating original content or using other available resources.
  • Recruit, train, and care for teachers and or facilitators who serve in the Growth Track ministry.
  • Teach two classes per quadrimester, one on Sunday mornings when not teaching in services and one in the evenings midweek.
  • Available to occasionally support teaching needs in student ministry, approximately four times per year.
  • Assists with funerals, weddings, visits, membership, baptisms, counseling, and calls.
  • Available onsite during office hours and at least 48 Sundays throughout the year.



  • Year 1: 3 new teachers or facilitators and 100 unique class attendees.
  • Year 2: 5 new teachers or facilitators and 50% of average adult attendance engaged in one or more classes.
  • Year 3: 8 new teachers or facilitators and 25% of average adult attendance have completed the Growth track.

Operating & Financial Data:

Budget: $1,753,500

Average Weekly Onsite Attendance: 672

Average Weekly Online Attendance: 362 (Measured through unique households)

Staff Breakdown:

7 Full-Time Positions (including this role)
4 Part-Time Positions

Compensation Review

The starting base salary for the Teaching Pastor will likely be between $80,000 and $100,000, the specifics of which will be negotiated with the finalist.

A comprehensive benefits package is provided.

Summary of benefits:

  • 80% of Health, covered for employees and spouse, children covered through New York's Child Health Plus
  • 100% of Dental, and Vision fully covered
  • HSA Deposit of $2800 when enrolled in the employer health plan 
  • Cell Phone Stipend of $75 per month 
  • $2,000 per year ministry expense account 
  • 15 Days of PTO eligible after 6 months or 1000 hrs of service


What it’s like to live in Manlius, NY (Greater Syracuse Area):

Forbes Magazine rated our area as one of the top 10 places to raise a family. Our location allows living in a rural, slow-paced community while experiencing the beauty of all four seasons. In addition, there are highly sought-after primary and secondary school systems in private, public, and parochial offerings and a high-quality, comprehensive healthcare system that includes five hospitals, over 1,500 practicing physicians, and a full range of long-term care facilities.

CNY has every outdoor activity available for any season. During the winter, Syricusians enjoy activities like skiing, riding snowmobiles, or brushing off a lake to drill an ice-fishing hole. In Spring, Summer, and early Fall, you'll find people boating, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, white-water rafting, or hiking through breathtaking beauty. Syracuse's central suburbs are 20 minutes or less from the city's center, and it's usually a 20-minute drive to rivers and lakes, ski slopes and hiking trails, or rural solitude. Luckily, this means we don't have to waste time in traffic jams on the way to work in the morning – or heading home at night.

Downtown Syracuse recently boomed with apartments, condos, restaurants, and nightlife. This has attracted new digital companies, engineering firms, startups, and entrepreneurs enticed by urban excitement and the culture to satisfy diverse tastes. Lastly, If you are an avid traveler, Syracuse is less than a day's drive to New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Boston. Syracuse Hancock International Airport also offers several nonstop destinations and connections to family and friends. It annually wins the award for the nation's best snow removal. The bottom line is that it's no surprise that U.S. News pegs Syracuse as one of the best metro areas to call home!



Organization Description

Meet Eastern Hills Bible Church

Eastern Hills Bible Church is a multi-generational, 57 years in the making, non-denominational church rooted in Manlius, NY, comprising people from communities across the greater Syracuse area. We are known in the community for our biblical teaching, family ministries, and generosity. Our church is experiencing momentum after recently walking through a new vision and values. We are debt-free, well-resourced, and, Lord willing, primed for growth!

Mission, Vision, Values & Strategy


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