Worship Director

Waymaker Church
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Worship Pastor
Forest, VA
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Worship Pastor opportunity in VA. This role should prioritize setting the pace and cultivating a healthy culture of worship amongst the team and our church body holistically.

Job Description

Summary of Position: This role should prioritize setting the pace and cultivating a healthy culture of worship amongst the team and our church body wholistically. This role is broken up into two main functions. One, being responsible for the oversight of the coordination of worship sets for Sunday morning, the other as primarily leading the worship team spiritually and developing them on a consistent basis. This role also includes the oversight of the Music Coordinator, Residents, and Interns in the field of Worship. 

Required Skills: 

  • Creativity 
  • Organization 
  • Team building 
  • Leadership 
  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills 
  • Musicianship 
  • General Understanding of Vocal Structures 

Preferred Skills: 

  • Worship Leading experience (4+ years) 
  • Experience with Songwriting and Producing Music 
  • Ableton Knowledge 

Worship and Music Oversight - Sunday Services: 

  • Responsible for the overall outcome in relation to music for Sunday services.  
  • Schedule, train, and resource all vocal world changers for our Sunday experience. 
  • Prepare or oversee the preparation of vocal roadmaps, etc. 
  • Seek direction from and work with the Senior Experience Director in order to identify and coordinate musical requirements for Sunday services.  
  • Overseeing the scheduling for all Waymaker Worship volunteers (World Changers). 
  • Oversee and work with the Music Coordinator who prepares the band notes. 
  • Work in coordination with the Production Director to ensure quality of the overall Sunday morning experience.  

Volunteer (World Changer) Development: 

  • Oversee the recruitment, development, and training of our volunteer (World Changer) base. 
  • Cultivate a culture and train volunteers (World Changers) on the vision of Spontaneous Worship. 
  • Create systems that facilitate the recruitment of volunteers (World Changers) and makes it easy and not difficult for people to become involved in Waymaker Worship. 
  • Develop Community and Team Culture: lead in creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and inclusive of new recruits. Establish a feeling of community and belonging to the broader team and cultivate long term investment from our existing volunteer (World Changer) base. 

Weekly Worship: 

  • Work alongside other ministries for events outside of Sunday services. 
  • Meet with the ministry directors to solidify needs. 
  • Work to develop Worship volunteers (World Changers) across all ministries (I.e., Way Youth, Midway, WayKids). 
  • Oversee scheduling and priority placement for volunteers (World Changers). 
  • Fulfill or schedule worship leaders and musicians for Staff Summit and Staff Meetings as needed. 

Volunteer Process: 

  • Execute auditions, callbacks, and interviews for incoming team members. 
  • Train and equip team members to be prepared to play and lead worship on a Sunday morning. 
  • Schedule shadowing for Sunday mornings. 


  • Lead the songwriting culture and process for Waymaker Worship. 
  • Have a pulse of the vision of Waymaker.Church from the Lead Pastor as well as what God is teaching our church body wholistically. 
  • Host and lead writing nights. 
  • Leading songwriting workshops. 
  • Oversee the composing and finalizing arrangements for original songs. 
  • Creating resources – charts, MP3s, etc. for original songs. 
  • Oversee the production and release of new music. 

Waymaker Worship (Artist): 

  • Oversight of the stewardship of Waymaker Worship as a brand and artist outside of the four walls of Waymaker.Church. 
  • Oversee Waymaker Worship as a recording artist. 
  • Coordinate with potential venues and concerts. 

Be a dynamic, all-in and cooperative staff member: 

  • Work closely with other team members to see the entire organization succeed. 
  • Fight territorialism and foster collaboration. 
  • Give up personal wishes to see other ministries thrive. 

Organization Description

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