Worship Director

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Worship Pastor
Chilliwack, BC
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Competitive Salary + Generous Benefits
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Southside Church is seeking a dynamic worship director to lead their Sunday experience.

Job Description

Direct Report: Service Experience Pastor

Full-Time Position 

When you ask us what we do at Southside, you don’t just get a job description. You hear about a way of life: centered around our Vision to bring more hope, help and a home for this city. We are passionate about using our talents and energy for God’s purposes and that’s why we’ve dedicated our careers to a mission, not just a job title. 

We have the privilege of leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. As we do, we strive to be risk-taking, innovative, culturally-relevant, irrationally generous, spiritual contributors who laugh hard together and honor God with integrity. 

Southside Church is a place where there’s a seat saved for everyone and the Music Director has a lot to do with that. 


The basics

  • An understanding that this is a ministry role. 
    • Creating teams, building relationships, fostering enthusiasm, discipling team members: these are the key elements of this role.
    • People are ALWAYS more important than ‘the job’ (but the job is still important!)
  • Discernment comes naturally: an ability to make decisions and see opportunities most people don’t
  • An ability to stay fit spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally
  • An ability to inspire people and keep a group motivated
    • Can convey vision to small and larger groups
  • A drive to continue to answer the question “How could this ______ (team, environment, process, church) be better?”
  • Is a naturally charismatic leader who is energized by leading people through their next steps
  • Is enthusiastic about teaching others how to serve and enjoy leading and working with a team
  • Loves to schedule, plot, and plan and known as a master time-manager

The works: 

  • Create and oversee a developmental pipeline from Southside KiDS, to Southside youth, to our Southside Adult Service.
    • Southside KiDS:  We know that musical skills are often developed over years of hard work and practice. Providing an option for our Southside kids to  take music lessons at a young age with recommended teachers as well as  receive teaching on worship would hopefully lead our interested Southside KiDS down an exciting road of growth in the area of music and worship. 
    • Southside Youth:  Worship at a youth level would provide opportunities for our youth to grow in their craft and leadership skills. Developing a youth band would hopefully become an integral part of our developmental pipeline.
    • Adult Development: There’s always room for everyone to grow! Inspiring and helping our current Sunday band to grow in their gifts, leadership and relationship with God is a very important part of this role as well. 
  • Recruitment: As we are always looking to grow in reach, we are always looking to grow the amount of people involved in our worship ministry at Southside! Recruiting talented, passionate musicians and followers of Jesus to join our team is a key part of this role. 
  • Writing: We believe that writing songs of worship for our church is an incredible way to deepen our collective understanding of and passion for God. We also know that recording these songs would encourage individuals in their faith throughout the week, as well as serve as an incredible evangelistic tool to get the message of Jesus out to those that need to hear it!  We are excited to take the next steps in this area.
  • Worship Nights:  Worship nights are a great way to encourage believers, as well as reach out to the unchurched, as we promote and celebrate just how beautiful God is, and just how much He cares for each of us. Preparing and executing worship nights for our church and city would be a key part of this role. 
  • Sunday Services: Working with our Service Experience Pastor to create relevant and engaging worship services. The Music Director would work to ensure that our Sunday worship team is informed, inspired, scheduled, and executing on a high level every weekend. 

The additions

  • Staff-wide involvement:
    • Leading/Helping teams for “Help” projects such as For This City and All is Bright days
    • Home Team Vision Nights
    • Staff Retreats
    • Weekly scheduled meetings
  • One-on-one meetings with your Direct Report 
  • Team meetings
  • 6 month evaluation period - assessment date TBD

Working at Southside is dynamic because we’re willing to go above and beyond to bring more help and hope to our city. It’s the exception and not the rule, but sometimes our staff rallies together to pull off projects that are hard to define or list on a job description. 

This may include big events outside the normal Sunday-to-Sunday calendar, important meetings that affect the future of our church or even pulling off last minute projects because a new idea is way too important to be delayed.

This “find a way” mentality is ingrained in the DNA of our leadership, the staff and our church. We don’t complain, we don’t gossip and we have each other’s backs. We are open about our support of Pastor Mike and Corinne, our fellow staff members, our church and our teams,  and we’re private when we have a question that needs answering or constructive criticism that needs addressing (in this case, go straight to your direct report).

Jesus changes everything. Southside Church exists to bring the hope of Jesus to people one life, one story at a time. We exist to see families restored, marriages strengthened, and young people supported and mentored. All of our ministries are united under this one vision:  to see people far from God enter into a relationship with him and then follow him one next step at a time.

You will see lives changed and people saved. You will watch as Jesus uses your efforts to change our city. You can expect MORE because God is calling us to more and it’s an honour to get to be a part of that!

Organization Description

About 2,700 people engaged on Sunday mornings

Nondenominational, North Point partner church

Contemporary worship

Just outside of Vancouver, only 25 minutes from the US border