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North Hills Christian Church
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Worship Pastor, Youth/Student Pastor
Pittsburgh, PA
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Youth / Student Pastor / Director who has the passion and commitment to develop, build, grow and sustain a thriving environment for 6th-12th grade students; secondary skillset involving worship/music allows this to become a full time position.

Job Description

We are an independent/non-denominational Christian Church—small by midwest and megachurch standards, but medium sized here in the “shrinking aging church” Northeast. As our church has gone through the “refining fire” of these Covid years (only partially kidding), we are in a healthy enough place that we’re looking to custom-build a full-time position that includes experience in both student and worship ministry. That said, we want to build a position around someone’s strengths and passions rather than just 'check boxes'.

We currently have a youth director who already has a demanding full time job and is basically paid a few extra bucks to be the face for our students and show up at student weekly gatherings and events… he’s consistent and great with teens, but this was never going to be something he envisioned as a long-term arrangement or where he would build and expand a program. He recently got married and would prefer to fall into a role of being more of a key volunteer for whomever we hire.

We also have a commmitted volunteer worship leader and it would be great to have someone with leadership and experience that could give them breathing room and flexibility—this wouldn’t need to be a ‘leading and planning every single Sunday’ kind of a thing, but more helping in development and organization while sharing the load with someone else.

Just to be clear, this is NOT one of those situations where a church is trying to squeeze two otherwise full-time positions into one, just to try and penny-pinch and therefore overload the staff. Healthy balance is important here. We are simply not yet at a size where either of these roles could generate enough workload to be considered full time, but together, we believe an impactful full time position could be created. Perhaps in due time, and with continued growth, either of these roles could each become their own full time positions.

Similarly, we would also be open to hiring two part-time positions in either of these roles.

Again, we want to custom build a position around a person, so there is room to dialogue about what core components and responsibilities would or would not be included. We expect applying candidates to be passionate about being a disciple of Jesus, to have strong communication and listening skills, to work effectively within a team environment, and to have a proven work ethic in any past work experience--ministry or otherwise. Plenty more details available about the heart and direction of our church and how this position could be built and adjusted based on the right candidate--happy to share with those who find they're interested in more info.

Organization Description

North Hills Christian Church is a community of imperfect people seeking to being apprencitces of Jesus while impacting our community with His love, compassion, grace and truth.

North Hills Christian Church

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1.  Willing to commute / relocate?
2.  WIll pass any necessary security clearances?
3.  Experience in both student ministry and music/worship?
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