When Is It Time To Find A New Role?

How do you decide when it is time to find a new role?

How To Discern When It’s Time To Find A New Role

We all come to a point in our jobs when we feel a tug that it may be time to move on to something new. This is normal, we aren’t meant to stay in the same position forever. However, sometimes the hardest part is discerning whether or not it is the right time to make the transition. Here are a few questions and thoughts to consider if you find yourself in a place of uncertainty when it comes to leaving your current role.

Are you being challenged?

Feeling challenged in your job helps you develop as a leader, cultivates a sense of purpose, and motivates you to work hard. Sometimes when you’ve been in a certain role for a number of years, you hit a wall. Feeling comfortable isn’t always a bad thing, but if you desire new challenges, learn new skills and gain experience, a new job could be what you need to provide a newfound energy for the work you do every day.

What are the stories you’re telling yourself?

Chances are, if you are in a season of discernment trying to decide if it’s time to move on to something new you have become more aware of how you feel when you wake up in the morning and leave at the end of the day. There will always be good and bad days at work, but it’s important to intentionally take inventory of your self-talk surrounding your job because it makes a difference.

Consider these questions: Are you excited to get to the office or do you feel a sense of dread on your commute? When you get to work, are you counting down the hours until you can leave? How do you feel on the way home - exhausted, relieved, drained? We spend a lot of our time at our jobs therefore when we are discontent or unhappy, the emotional toll inevitably overflows into other areas of our lives. You may not even realize how much you need a change until you start paying attention to what you’re telling yourself. 

What is it like being on the other side of you right now?

Take a minute to think about how your family, friends or coworkers might answer this question about you. Honestly consider how they would describe your attitude and overall stress level. This is a helpful exercise because it may help you realize how much you’ve been complaining about your job in everyday conversations. As mentioned before, when you’re unhappy at work it will naturally carry over into other areas of your life, including your close relationships. If you aren’t the best version of yourself right now and others are noticing it could be time to consider making a change.

Do you want to make more money?

Well, we all know you don’t necessarily go into ministry for the money but that doesn’t mean you are selfish in desiring a higher salary! Financial security and providing for yourself or your family is a very realistic factor to take into consideration when accepting a position or choosing to leave a job. Sometimes this is just the reality of our lives and financial situations and that is okay. In your process of discernment it could be worth talking with your direct report about your current salary and asking about a raise. The result of this conversation could help you gain clarity in deciding what is next for you.

Have you prayed about it?

As with any big decision, it’s important to make it a prayerful process. Praying and asking God for discernment will help you find clarity and peace as you make decisions to determine what is best for you. Prayer is an important part of surrendering your process and the ultimate outcome over to God. As you invite Him into the process, you will have more peace moving forward.

These are just a few things to consider as you discern what is next for you. Ultimately, you know when it’s the right time. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut when it’s nudging you in a certain direction. Seek out wise counsel and remember that God is in control, He will open and close the right doors for you.

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