Five Do’s and Don’ts For Your Resume For Your Job Search

Don't miss out on our top 5 do's and don'ts for your resume!

Five Do’s and Don’ts For Your Resume For Your Job Search


Whether you’re searching for a new job or it’s your first time applying for a job role, try following these 5 dos and don’ts to ensure your resume is first-class! 

DO: List certifications or achievements

If you’ve achieved something great at college or university then be sure to mention it in your resume and explain how it can be transferred into a practical workplace. These kinds of details hiring managers care about.

DO: Save some details for your actual interview

When you are sitting with your interviewer and they ask you to share something unique about yourself, that is a great time to share your story. By saving some information for in-person conversation, you save your resume from coming off as directionless.

DO: Indicate that your reference is available

While your potential employer may not want your references straight away, you may want to have them ready to go if your employer needs them. Make sure to state that your references are available “upon request”.

DO: Keep your content up to date

As time goes on, you may acquire lots of education and experience and things that used to be important will become less so. Be sure to edit what you have and update to add any new information before putting your resume back in circulation.

DO: Let your experience speak for itself

If you list in your experience that you have worked in accounting, then you don’t need to include “Proficient in Excel”. It’s okay to let your experience imply a skill like this.


DON’T: Forget to update information from other applications

If your job role asks you for a particular qualification or certification then include this in your resume. Alternatively, if you have put information in your resume that is specific to a certain company/ministry or job opportunity, then don’t forget to change it before you apply to the next job.

DON’T: Forget to check your grammar/spelling

There are a few things that can hurt you more when making a first impression than a typo. It is helpful to double-check your resume for grammar and spelling every time you make a change.

DON’T: Include your full ministry philosophy

If you are seeking a ministry position, then your ministry philosophy may be several paragraphs, or even several pages and should not be part of your resume.

DON’T: Include accomplishments that aren’t professional

Non-professional accomplishments should not be included in your resume as they offer little to no value nor improve your hiring chances. 

DON’T: List redundant information/give unnecessary detail

If you have had several jobs that are similar to each other, then find a way to summarize your experiences gained, there’s no need to list the same responsibility under multiple items of experience.